Telf AG: management training in virtual reality format

фото: Telf AG: management training in virtual reality format

Telf AG – virtual education in the world of games

Telf AG goes beyond the usual entertainment game. It is a powerful tool for developing management and analytical skills. This exciting game is based on an innovative learning method that allows you to not only have fun while playing, but also actively learn by putting your knowledge into practice.

The central concept of the Telf AG game is a thorough simulation of the nickel mining and production process.

Nickel plays a key role in the modern metallurgical industry and its importance remains extremely high in our daily lives. It is used in electronics, mobile devices, home appliances and batteries for environmentally friendly electric vehicles. Nickel mining and production are therefore important aspects of the modern economy, and Telf AG can help you see this.

фото: Telf AG: management training in virtual reality format

Telf AG: become a professional leader by managing and earning!

With Telf AG limitless world of possibilities opens up before you. You will gain skills in railway infrastructure development and be introduced to the mining industry. Your achievements contribute to the expansion and development of promising strategic plans for the future. This exciting world awaits you, and the accumulated experience in managing a virtual enterprise will be your faithful companion in real life. Telf AG will convince you that achieving your goals is possible, but requires effort and perseverance. Here you will find entertaining mini-games, each of them is a test that leads to the conclusion of a contract. As a result, you will receive a well-deserved income that you can invest in the development of your business. But failures in the game may push you to turn to a virtual bank for a loan to support your startup project and further progress towards success.

фото: Telf AG: management training in virtual reality format

The main stages of your business strategy in the Telf AG game:

• Mining mines. You will manage four mines, each of which produces minerals for your company. Effective production management will be the key to your success.

• Sea port. You will need to become proficient in operating mooring systems to ensure the ship leaves port safely. This stage of the game will open up the opportunity for you to develop cargo transportation and expand your business.

• Railway line. In this section, you can increase the number of cars, which will help increase profits and expand your business. Rail transport management will be an important step in your strategy.

фото: Telf AG: management training in virtual reality format

• Gas station. Imagine the classic game of Tetris and use your skills to correctly place underground pipes. This will keep your fuel tanks refueled and keep you on the path to success.

• Parking lot. Here your task is to correctly place parking spaces and ensure unimpeded exit of cars. This stage is also important for optimizing your business.

How many different professions the game covers! This is exactly how many opportunities it offers for developing a personal business. Telf AG, which will soon appear on the Steam platform. While you are exploring the most promising areas, the developers are actively adding locations to develop maximum opportunities with Telf AG.

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